Visiting Mount St. Joesph’s Abbey

Mount St. Joesph’s Abbey is a Cistercian Abbey and boarding school located approximately 2 miles from the town of Roscrea.  The abbey was founded in 1878 with the boarding school coming later in 1905. As well as the abbey and boarding school, there is a dairy farm, guesthouse and golf course. In total, the estate is about 500 acres.

I’ve been going to the monastery since I was small but this week was my first visit in a number of years. I couldn’t believe how well the place looked! It’s exceptionally well kept and so peaceful. I walked through the wooded area, down by the golf course and waterfalls and back to the abbey.

When I was young, my favourite thing was to get some of the bread that was made by the monks, Brs. John and Oliver. In 1891, A.M. Perkins & Son Ltd installed a turf fired Patent Steam oven to the monastery. Up to a few years ago, the monks still baked bread in the oven daily. Unfortunately, they have ceased but as a child I loved to get their bread.
wpid-20150820_114049.jpg                                                                                    The waterfalls



Look at how green the grass is on the golf course!


You can pray in the church and mass is said there daily.

wpid-20150820_114448.jpg wpid-20150820_114723.jpg wpid-20150820_115036.jpg

The building is made of local grey limestone and follows a traditional monastic plan.

The school.



This is a great place to go if you just want some quiet time to reflect. It’s extremely peaceful and scenic.


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