Observations from Ireland

It’s amazing how much you forget when you haven’t been around for a while. Since coming home, I’ve found myself sometimes pleasantly surprised and sometimes not so pleasantly surprised by things in Ireland. Here are a few of my greatest observations;

  1. The people are the best reason to go to Ireland-  Whether it was the bus driver or the fella who showed us around the U.L. campus, everyone is the friendliest person I’ve ever met. Everyone will happily have a conversation with you and no one is ever really in a rush.
  2. Community watch is alive and well– No matter how hard you try, everyone knows everything about you. People can’t help it, they are naturally so inquisitive. Every morning before I started university, I would cycle to my local village and get the paper. I wouldn’t see anyone or interact with anyone on my journey. A week or so ago, a neighbour of mine stopped me up on the road. I only knew this individual to wave at and had never previously spoken to him. Turns out he was really only stopping me to check if everything he had heard was true. I didn’t have to tell him anything as he knew everything about me and why I was home. Alive and well folks, alive and well.
  3. There are many different types of green on show- The landscape here is so beautiful but I forgot how green it is. And not just one shade of green, so many different shades. This is an extremely tourist thing to say but when you live in a city for so long, you forget how green Ireland can be!
  4. Nothing changes- People get older and hair gets grayer but everything is virtually the same. Nothing really changes which is proof that you should go ahead and travel a lot because everything will be there when you get back.
  5. People here are really talented- Is it just  me or does everyone in Ireland have great talent? Whether they are great hurlers, footballers or musicians, everyone seems to be brilliant at something. It might just be something in the air in Tipperary……..
  6. Tea is the cure to everything-– I’ve never had so much tea. Literally, tea for every occasion, studying, blogging, talking, it foes with every outfit!

More from me soon. As ever, feel free to leave your comments and ideas below!


Exploring Ireland and all it has to offer

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