Out and about with Granddad.

My grandfather is a bit of a legend. He’s got that great old person vibe going on and since I got back, we’ve been heading off on loads of adventures together. He makes a great travel partner for a few reasons;

  1. He always has time and plenty of it.  No matter what time it is, he’s always ready to go off to some place. He’s never in a rush to get back either so all good.
  2. He’s a good co driver.He never comments on my driving and he doesn’t mind if I go the wrong way. In fact, he embraces the detour.
  3. He knows what he wants. When we go off, he’ll provide clear instructions as to what we’ll do. Anything outside of that is a bonus.
  4. He always has a story. Pat is a great man to tell me stories. Stories about what they used to do back in the day or sometimes a story about the fella who owns the land that we’re passing. Loads of stories.

While we try to do different things, we’ve excelled at a few activities recently;

  1. Giving field guidance. A little like Kim Jung Un in North Korea, we like to show up to random fields and offer our guidance. We’ll tell you how long it took you to move bales or cut grass or gather it up or whatever.We’ll offer assistance on how you could do it better or how it was done back in the day. We’re available any time.
  2. Farm Inspection services.  We also like to look at farms and throw out sentences on what’s where, how many animals there are, the conditions of the yard and so on.
  3. Grave readings:Possibly the most morbid but a lot of the time we end up in a graveyard and there’s nothing we enjoy more than reading graves. I read and Pat tells me if he knew them.If he didn’t know them, he moves on. If he did, he then tells me everything about them, where they lived, what they worked at, how they died and so on. We have spent many an afternoon hanging out and about in the graveyard!
  4. Stock taking: For a man of 90, Pat has better eyesight than I do. He can tell me how many cows are in a herd, how many bullocks in a field and so on. If you ever see a silver Yaris stopped outside your field, you’ll know it’s us counting your cows!
  5. Supervising: We are bosses of supervising activities.Pat has a walking stick that’s put to good use if someone isn’t doing something properly. You may not hear him from the tractor but you’ll see him waving the stick around!

This picture was from one of our recent farm inspections!



Exploring Ireland and all it has to offer

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