10 Phrases you will only hear in Ireland.

It’s only when you speak to someone who isn’t from Ireland that you realise how unique some of our phrases are. Here’s a list of some of my favourites;

  1. Grand– Meaning “fine, nice, ok”

Example- What do you think of this top? It’s grand.

2. Shur Look

I don’t know how to describe this in proper English! You can use it to tell someone to see something that’s very obvious or you can use it when you don’t really know what to say.


Statement- ” I was very tired after running my race.”

Reply- “Shur look”………

3. I will, ya

Meaning- I definitely won’t.

Example- “Will you down to your room and study” “I will, ya”

4. Jesus, Mary and Joseph-

Meaning- a strong exclamation.

When we were young Mum and Dad would tell us not to do something. We would definitely do it and then one of us would get hurt. When Mum found out, she would be so angry, exclaiming “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, didn’t I tell you not to do that!I don’t know what Jesus, Mary and Joseph have to do with it but shur look…….

5. Kilt stone dead-

Meaning- killed, dead.

Jesus, Mary and Joesph, I was coming down the road there and was almost kilt stone dead!

6. Down the road-

Meaning- in the locality somewhere. Uncertain how far down the road “down the road” actually is. Also uncertain which exact road is being talked about.

Do you know yur man that lives down the road?

I was down the road running when I was almost kilt stone dead.

There’s a grand little house going up down the road.

7. Yur man/wan

Meaning- a man or woman whose name you don not know.

Yur man over there told me to speak with you.

Do you know yur man who lives down the road?

Yur wan in the shop is fierce nice.

8. Fierce

Meaning- very.

It’s fierce cold today

There was a fierce wind blowing earlier.

Yur man is a fierce good player.

9. Fair play to ya

Meaning- well done.

You passed your exams! Fair play to ya!

10. Acting the maggot

Meaning- being a fool, misbehaving in some way.

Shur look, he was acting the maggot when he fell and broke his arm. Eejit.

Bonus word;


Meaning- fool.

Yur man is a fierce eejit.